If you’ve been bitten by the cycling holiday bug or fancy taking on a truly epic adventure, then the Napoleon may be what you are looking for. Covering over 4,000 km through 7 countries in three two-week stages the ‘Napoleon Tour’ is quite possibly the best cycling tour ever.

Following broadly in the footsteps of the great French General, Napoléon Bonaparte as he marched his Grande Armée through to Moscow in 1812, the ‘Napoleon’ starts at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and finishes 45-days later in Red Square, Moscow.

Moet & Chandon

Riders experience riding across the Champagne region of France into the picturesque castle clad green hills of southern Germany before the route weaves its way through UNESCO protected medieval villages in Poland to the North Sea.

Historic Accomodation on the Napoleon

From here the touring party strike east via the great lakes of Poland and The Baltics. While Napoleon never took St Petersburg, the city is a must-see on a Russian odyssey. The final all-Russian stage of the Napoleon runs south from St Petersburg to Moscow.

Russian Finish

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Ride & Seek Bike Tours is a worldwide adventure cycling company offering unique historical itineraries with quality lodgings, fine gastronomy and cultural immersion. The specialise in a series of epic cycling tours - including the Napoleon, Hannibal and Caesar.

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