It’s just one of those things. It takes a little longer to recover after a hard session with each passing year.

When Elivar Co-Founder Donal Hanrahan decided to rescue himself from the onset of middle-aged spread his brain set the training programme while his body had to do the work.

The issue was that my brain was still wired like my former 28-year old self i.e. a full-time international rower, but my body was actually 40+ years old,“ explains Donal. “By Day 4 I’d be crying out for a day off!

“Existing recovery drinks - while promising ‘faster recovery after training’ were all about energy replacement and didn’t make any real difference to how I felt the next day,” adds Donal. “The issue was muscular, not an energy deficiency. It just took my body longer to recover between sessions and I couldn’t find a product that supported that extended recovery period. It’s one of the reasons we started Elivar - if you can’t find it, make it!”

Working with sports nutritionists and food scientists within Elivar led to the development of RECOVER - the only sustained release Recovery product on the market. Sustained release because that’s what matters as your body get a little older.

So as our video says “Don’t Be A Fred - Recover Like Steve” and switch to Elivar Recover

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