Creating a meal plan for the week is one of those things that will save you time, money and the frustration of not seeing progress when it comes to your health and performance. I remember as a child watching my mom sit down at the table and think about what meals we would not be home for and which ones we would be, which meals would have to be quick meals and which ones we had more time to sit down and relax. From there she would fill in meals from her repertoire based on what food we had available and then created a grocery list from there. Then off to the store the two of us went! She called me her little shopping buddy…this is one of those fond memories I had from my childhood. Little did I know that I was learning a lot in the process!

Unfortunately, a lot of people did not grow up with this instruction and struggle to eat healthy as a result of not having a plan, a meal plan that is! You know that saying, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”? Well I couldn’t agree with that statement more. When you don’t have a meal plan in place for the week, you can’t buy the groceries you need and the result is not having the meals and snacks prepared for the week. Ultimately, this leads to picking up something quick on the way home, eating junk or not eating at all! Sound familiar? Check out my video on how to meal plan for the week and stay tuned for how to meal prep for the week!

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